11 april, 2015

Spring, again


In 2014 I got shortlisted by the World Photography Awards. My photograph ”Spring” were exhibited at the World Photography Awards Exhibition in Somerset House, London. I am very happy that I got the chance and I have to thank WPO for it.
Today I visited the spot were I photographed ”Spring” two years ago, (the contest were for photos taken in 2013), it had changed a little and unfortunately it seemed that the area were more littered than before, or at least that’s how I remember it. It’s not fun at all and I can’t understand how people don’t seem to care when just throwing trash in the nature. I found it quite difficult to find the exact spot but here’s a new picture from the same walkway:


And here’s the original one that was exhibited:


And just for comparison, here’s a montage with both the pictures side by side, the new to the left and the old one on the right hand side.

Axel_Boberg_DSC01658 1